Stylish mat of bright pom-poms DIY

POM-POM matI have posted about mats made with felted balls, but this is made from wool pom-poms shown on the Russian site “Master Classy” and it is so appealing with its high-low pom-poms.   Make your home warm and cozy with a “Stylish mat of bright pom-poms” complementing the interior décor and I love the natural room it is displayed in.  You will find everyone will want to lay or set on this because it looks so darn inviting.  They show how-to tutorial on making pom-poms using cardboard or buy a pom-pom maker.  As a base I think it would be a good idea to use a low profile round or oval nonskid inexpensive readymade bathroom rug.  Give one a try, too lovely.  Like “Handmade” (Master Classy) on Facebook and see what they have next and tell them you found them on Craft Gossip.


  1. kim j says

    Their facebook page and web-site are both in Russian. I can usually make words out to figure out how to change the language but Russian, lol no way.
    thanks if you can help

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