How to Make Felt Succulents tutorial

How to Make Felt SucculentsKeri hosts “shaken together” blogs out of Winter Park, Florida and has many cool DIYs for us to recreate.  Keri is a wife and momma to two boys.  Keri’s Grandma’s front porch in Ohio is the reason she loves hens and chickens!  Grandma had a big terra cotta pot with holes in it that she tucked the cute little succulents in.  Keri just loved the waxy green leaves of the “hens” and the baby “chicks” that would grow to eventually spill out of the pot.  Unfortunately Keri has not got a green thumb but decided she wanted Hens and Chickens so she made these felt succulents that will definitely survive through the spring. The soft leaves of her felt succulents just make her smile. Okay, on with Keri’s tutorial.  As you can see from her picture her “Felt Succulents” are charming and look very real.  She does not have templates but talks you through the entire creative process.  Thanks Keri, I love your Felt Succulents and I do have a pot of real ones outside and hope they made it through this Ohio winter that is still on us.


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