DIY: Felt Clutch “I love…”

DIY Felt Clutch

I am so thrilled that Lisa of “Love To Go” is sharing her unbelievable chic “DIY: Felt Clutch tutorial” with us.  I love this clutch and want to make my own.  Lisa has a superb pictorial tutorial to follow making it easy for us to recreate her clutch.  You can use whatever colors you like because felt comes in all shades.  I love her needle script.  Thanks so much Lisa for sharing this GREAT project!


  1. Emilee says

    How do you become invited to her blog? It won’t let me access the tut because it says only invited readers can see it?

  2. says

    I do not know what happened, I was on it when I wrote about the clutch be I can’t get on today?? I will have to see if I can find out the reason we are blocked.

  3. says

    Nope, I can’t ‘get’ to it, either. It’s a cute bag and hoped to see the tutorial … I’ll check back later to see if maybe she’s opening her blog up to viewers.

  4. says

    I have been looking her up on different site and she is not on Facebook. I am going through bloglovin! I will keep trying because I love it too :)

  5. says

    Yes please! I would love to access it too! Hope we get a solution soon! Looks so cute – I want to try it out of leather with a felt lining! Thanks – Linda

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