Feather Toppers – From Felt Tutorial

Feather topper knitting needlesFeather topper pencils

Whether your mom likes to knit or does a lot of writing these adorable feather toppers made from felt is just the ticket for a special Mother’s Day gift. These could even be a gift for your upcoming graduates on top of their college pencils and stick them in a container filled with money :-)   Or like Tracey, use watercolor pencils and place them on the top of a sketchbook. I am sure that you will have many ideas for these feather toppers. Tracey of “Helana and Ali” hosts the blog named after her two teenage girls.   Whether you use the knitting needle toppers or the pencil toppers these are a fun and personal addition to any gift.  Tracey has a tutorial for both feather toppers. I want to thank Tracey for sharing her adorable idea with us!



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