Felt Wedding Bouquet Cuff & Fabric Leaf Boutonnieres DIY’s

Felt Wedding Bouquet CuffFabric Leaf BoutonniereFollow the Victorian tradition of carrying flowers in bouquetiers, or elaborate vase- or bowl-shaped holders: Clothe blooms, such as garden roses and fragrant narcissi, in a handsome, lacy wool cuff. The “Felt Wedding Bouquet Cuff & Fabric Leaf Boutonniere” comes from Martha Stewarts’ Weddings.  The Felt Wedding Bouquet Cuff has a downloadable pattern and I am sure you can find a leaf pattern for the Boutonniere.  Handmade weddings are more and more popular today and save brides money and are so original and exciting. Make the Fabric Leaf Boutonniere for the groom and groomsmen; you can put tiny buds or greenery for anytime of the year!

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