2 Book Giveaway: Zombie Felties & Zodiac Felties: “USA ONLY”

Zombie FeltiesZodiac Felties

For kids of all ages these are must have pattern books.  These are some of the cutest and ghoulish felt zombies I have seen and these books are amazing works by authors Nicola Tedman and Sarah Skeate.  There are patterns for each zombie and their pimped out coffins. The book is such fun and you will want one of these little creatures sitting on your desk at home or the office.  This coming Halloween will not be the same for you and your family.  Teens will go nutty over these amusing zombies. I am sure you can fashion one to look like someone in your family or a friend because we all have a little ghoul in us. They have a Zombie bride for you to copy and most women feel like zombies after planning a wedding.  These would be such fun for that bachelorette party. Have fun with these books and you too will be a ghoul designer :)  Zodiac Felties speaks for itself.  Make all your family and friend the feltie for their sun sign and they will be thrilled.  “Zodiac Felties” is filled with patterns and ideas for you to create these unique felties.

To enter, please type “Me Please” and maybe you’re lucky number will come up! This giveaway will run from today March 13, 2013 through March 24, 2013!  Good luck to all.


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