Book Giveaway the Textile Artist’s Studio Handbook-USA ONLY


I know many people would love to try a new textile art and do not know how to get started or inspired with needed space and supplies.  This book will motivate and aid you it getting started discovering the most interesting niche for you with fiber.  Textile art surrounds you on windows and floors, furniture, and the clothes that you wear. Design and create it yourself with The Textile Artist’s Studio Handbook. Master the basic techniques you’ll need, select the right tools and materials, and apply your new skills to original projects. Discover myriad fiber-media options, and plan your workspace to fit your specific interests. Then explore a selected contributor gallery for more inspiration to create your own pieces.

The Textile Artist’s Studio Handbook demonstrates:

•   Felting: Try your hand at wet felting and dry felting-it’s accessible, resilient, and fashionable.

•   Spinning, knitting, and crochet: Create beautiful textiles, simply and from scratch.

•   Weaving: Challenge yourself to set up a loom and weave your own fabrics.

•   Printing: Create simple and complex patterns with block printing and screen printing.

•   Dyeing: Effectively apply color to your fiber, yarn, or fabric.

•   Sewing, quilting, and appliqué: Master the construction and decoration techniques you need.

•   Needlework: Reinforce and embellish your creations with embroidery, crewelwork, cross-stitch, openwork, cutwork, drawn-thread work, and beading.


Owyn Ruck and Visnja Popovic manage the Textile Arts Center in New York City, where they offer classes, workshops and events on a wide range of fiber media.

This giveaway will run from today July 8, 2013 through July 14, 2013 and the winner will be announced on Monday along with a new giveaway.  Good luck!

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