Giveaway! “Handbag Designer 101” USA ONLY

Handbag Designer 101Handbag Designer 101-2

Most of us would love to create a craft or designer item that would become so popular that we would have a spot on QVC and have our bags featured, and featured in publications about our spectacular and unique creations.  This was the case in the life of Emily Blumenthal, the creator of the Yasmena handbag.  Sarah Jessica Parker wore one of her bags in one of the sex and the city shows which was a great advertisement for Yasmena handbags. Now we are thrilled to have Emily take us step-by-step through her new book handbag designer 101.  This STUNNING hard covered book not only allows us to create one of the bags featured with the patterns to go along with the bag. You will learn what it type of handles and purse forms to use and how to assemble each bag. She features handbags, evening bags and camera bags, backpacks and many other ideas to inspire you. Then she goes on to tell you how to create your business of marketing your bags and selling them. The illustrations in this book are beautiful and all the instructions and inspiration are clear and concise. I think anyone of you who ever wanted to make a stunning purse or handbag will fall in love with this book.

To enter this giveaway, type “enter me” in the comment area. This giveaway will start today July 29, 2013 through August 4, 2013. I hope all of you have been enjoying these weekly giveaways.  I still have a couple of books that I will be giving away during the month of August, good luck to everyone.


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