Mother’s Day Giveaway, felted knit and needle felted makeup/fashion bag USA only

Carol Caldwell is offering everyone a chance to win her absolutely adorable knit felted and needle felted makeup/fashion bag for your mom or yourself. Carol does amazing knitting and designs most of her beautiful items. This is a makeup bag that you will not find in a regular retail shop. Carol just recently began needle felting her felted knits and is doing an amazing job. This bag was knit by her and has an inverted zipper and a loop handle; you could wear this as a fashion bag. I know I would love this bag for myself and I’m sure many of you would like it also. To enter go over to carols shop and look over what she has for sale and more importantly what she has sold and let her know what you would like to see her make and carry in her ETSY shop “CCKITTENKNITS”. I love heard darling kitty scarves and skull and cross bones one and of course this bag and all her purses. Just let her know, as entrepreneurs we all want to know what others would like to buy. After you have looked over her shop come back here and in the comment area tell Carol what you think of her shop and what you would like to see her carry she would really like your feedback. This giveaway will run from today April 16, 2012 through April 24, 2012. Once a winner is selected you will have 24 hours to respond to the e-mail telling you that you are the winner.



  1. Teresa from Florence, Alabama says

    I like the 2 color large tuck stitch afghan in spruce and soft white.

  2. Zabbers says

    I love that chickadee! You should do more birds, maybe some on smaller items like the one you’re offering here.

  3. Melanie Hayes says

    I just love your shop. The Light blue and white tuck stitch afghan is gorgeous. The bags are just great, maybe as a suggestion some project bags for knitters and crocheters. I know I never have enough of those.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome clutch.

  4. Deborah says

    I love everything that she has bags are the way to go maybe some bag for carrying notions or small knitting projects

  5. says

    I love the bag with the chickadee on it. I love birds and would love to see bags with some other birds on them. I also really like the giveaway bag.

    I prefer bags over afghans or scarves, but I’m sure there are others who disagree with me.

  6. Candy says

    Love the bags….would love a knitting projects bag with nothing to snag on like a zipper:)

  7. Gil Crews says

    WOW! I’m not sure which one is my fav.
    I too am new to needle felting…so my interests are in so many directions.

  8. CathyH says

    So many beautiful things. I ADORE the chickadee shoulder bag!! I am new to this art too and amazed at Carol’s talent!

  9. Brenda says

    Carol, I really like your baby knitted dress. I have a great neice coming in July and would love to see more baby clothing.

  10. says

    I really like the felted items best. Love the bag with the tree on it. I think with Spring on it’s way, adding some lighter items would be good.

  11. lee says

    I love the black bag w/ the chickadee – more small bags w/ cute little birds or animals would be so nice! lovely work. thanks!

  12. Kathrynn says

    I like the 2 Color Large Tuck Stitch Afghan in Spruce and Soft White. Thanks for the chance to win this neat felted bag

  13. Celestine says

    Carol as you know I have already purchased many of items from you. I would love a felted purse with a matching make up bag. I love, love,love your chickadee purse

  14. says

    Ooh La La! What fantastic artwork! Love the tree and heart shoulder bag. The little girl shrug is adorable too! Favorite is the lovely lady in the hat clutch. Perfect for Kentucky Derby Day. I am wearing a black derby hat for a graduation just like hers! Thank you for sharing your talent on Craft Gossip.

  15. says

    Love your shop. That Baby Knitted Dress is just adorable. I would like to see grocery/produce bags. I like using reusable bags but can’t find any produce bags I really like.

  16. susie says

    I have to say that I really am starting to enjoy the felting. i thought it was rather old fashioned but the more I see, the more I like. I have a pair of the felted slippers and just love them. My feet are so toasty but not sweaty. I would love to see a lunch bag tote in the felting with the birds or spring flowers. I see such passion for her work and challenging projects that she tackles. She is truly TALENTED. I know she is my sis! I love it all.

  17. Amanda says

    Oh, that is SO CUTE! I love birds so I’m drawn to the makeup bag with the little red bird on it…adorable.

  18. Nancy Hart says

    I started out looking at the needles felting which is beautiful, but it was the cat afghan that really caught my eye.

  19. Aileen Bell says

    Wow, what a great shop! I love your purses, especially the one with the tree, which you said was your first original pattern. Great job! Keep creating and thanks for the giveaway. Aileen

  20. Kathy Buckner says

    I love your site! I wonder if you would ever have blankets for teen boys? Thank you for having this giveaway!

  21. says

    Hi, I would like to thank all of you who entered this give away. I really appreciate the compliments and the positive feedback and suggestions that everyone has given.
    Carol :)

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