Wool Pets (felted)


Here is a cute idea for an unusual holiday gift, which will be here before we can throw the Pumpkins into the trash.  Her web blog Wool Pets will tell and show you all about Laurie Sharp and her felting.  Laurie also sells adorable Wool Pet felting kits on ETSY.   Now is the time to try your hand at needle felting.  The kit gives you everything you need to make your own Wool Pet!
Laurie lives in Suquamish, Washington – a stone’s throw from Seattle across the Puget Sound. She discovered needle felting four years ago and now it is one of her greatest passions!  Laurie shears, washes, cards and dyes the wool from her small flock of sheep and uses their wool in almost all of her pieces. Most of the time, wool is the only material she uses. Some of her pieces have a wire frame, but most are built around a solid core of wool.


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    Thanks so much for the article, Linda! I hope it inspires other folks out there to take up needle felting! It is so much fun! Thanks again!

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    These are cute Linda. I have some wool yarn that you can use to make other small items. I don’t felt, but it’s what I have left over.


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