Felting, Turn Your Handmade Crafts into a Money Making Business


Most of us have at one time or another thought about selling our crafts. Whether you do felting or some other noble crafting some of your questions will be answered.

Felting – Mental Shifts That Turn Your Hand Made Crafts into a Money Making Business By: Debby McCandlessA money making business from your hand made felting crafts is very possible. The important step in making this happen is a shift in your thinking.

The first change in your mental approach to your hobby will be looking at it from a creation point of view to a profit point of view.

Instead of making it for the joy of creating, you must think about the cost of your craft. Does it take a lot of material and time? Can you make enough to cover your costs and still make a profit? Can you cut down on your costs by buying in bulk to make it profitable? Looking at your felting from a profit point of view will tell you if it’s worth pursuing as a business and whether you can handle thinking about your beloved projects with an emotional detachment.

You must, also, think of your craft in critical terms. Is it good or is it superior to what is already out there? Now instead of just being satisfied you completed the project, you must pick it apart to make sure it’s good enough to sell to the public. Preferably, it’s better than your competition.

Continue to make your hand made crafts with love and care, but let go of your emotional attachment. You must mentally shift your view of your craft from a treasured item to keep to that of inventory to sell.

The important word in the phrase “money making business” is business. That is if you want the words “money making” to come true. Instead of just producing your hand made craft, now your thinking must shift to all the tasks required to run a business.

You’ll need to keep records, target a market, develop a marketing plan, keep inventory, get a license if needed, contact customers, purchase supplies, and more to run a profitable business.

A major shift in the way you think about your felting is to satisfy your customers instead of yourself. It’s not about you anymore and what you like, it’s all about satisfying the customer. You must think in terms of what the market demands and adjust your product to meet these demands.

If you are able to make all these mental shifts regarding your hand made felting products, then you can turn your hobby into a money making business.


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