A Must Have Book, Felt It! Stitch It! Fabulous!

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I did order and receive Felt It! Stitch It! Fabulous! and it is filled with fun and innovative ideas that I wish I had thought of.  When you use the flea market wools you will get an idea on how wools felt into such a tightly woven fabric that you can treat it like regular material and use regular sewing patterns when cutting out the pieces to be sewn together.  Think of the endless possibilities for new sources of exquisite materials.  In the above pictures you can see a few of the fun projects presented in this book.  We should have everyone we know looking for used wools.  What an outstanding book for all of us felters and seamstresses.  I know what I will be doing in the near future with my old wools.  Katheryn shows you how to dye the wools, felt and block the wools and has all the patterns and instructions for every project in this wonderful book.  There are so many projects in this book that we can do with our children too.Katheryn Introduction in the book: My eureka moment came as I was standing heartbroken in the laundry room. It was a scene you can probably relate to: a favorite wool sweater, a busy day, a large wash load, and…out came something fit for a teddy bear. I “was miserable until it suddenly occurred to me that I was holding a lovely piece of felted fabric. Soft, warm material I could cut up and stitch into something new. Within days, I was back in the laundry room purposely shrinking dozens of thrift store wool sweaters and then turning their durable felted fabrics into zillions of great projects.What I’d stumbled upon was a fabulous way to recycle old knits into smart, stylish wearable’s and accessories. With a few unloved wool sweaters, a washer and dryer, and some basic sewing skills, you, too, can start with ready-made knits and end up “with hats, wraps, purses, and more, all created with a loving, handcrafted touch. The trick is in the magic of felting. Because felted knits don’t unravel, they can be cut into any shape and sewn easily by hand or machine. And felted knits are so warm and soft that they’re wonderfully touchable and perfect for countless projects.Felted knits are very popular now, but the conventional way to make a felted item, such as a purse, is to knit a very large loose one and shrink it. This tends to be both time-consuming and (since wool yarn can be pricey) expensive. The approach I’ll teach you is easy on the piggy bank, as it relies on back-of-the-closet or thrift store finds, and it’s fast. If you’re like me, you love the look of handcrafted knits and you take great pleasure in giving gifts you’ve created yourself rather than bought at the mall. But even if you have the knitting skills required, the magic ingredient that knitting requires, time, and can be elusive. Every project in this book has that “hand-knit-with-love” look but can be completed in one afternoon.Take a look at the Basics chapter first, and you’ll learn how to do on purpose what you once did by accident (shrink sweaters). I’ll show you how to cut the new fabric up into perfect fabric pieces, and we’ll take a quick look at the very simple sewing skills you’ll need to complete the projects in the book. All of the projects can be sewn by hand, though in many instances you can use a sewing machine for even more time-saving power. Then, I’ll introduce you to ways to enhance your creations with needle felting and powdered drink-mix dyeing. I have lots of tips and tricks I’ve learned from years as a designer and fabric artist to share with you. And if you do knit, I’ll show you how to combine knitting with fast felting to add an exciting new dimension to your work.The 39 projects in this book range from a simple flower to embellish a favorite hat to a shoulder pack I’ve carried on trails and in trendy restaurants. Because you’ll be finding your own knits to shrink, cut, and stitch, your creations will automatically be unique. And in no time you’ll be able to take what you’ve learned here and dream up your own fabulous felted treasures.Hurry, what are you waiting for?  Go over to Amazon and pick up this beautiful hard covered book at a good price and while you are there get the Nordic Felted knits, next on my review list and this way you will get the free shipping with your twenty five dollar purchase. Her Blog!


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    How I love like minded people! Thanks Linda for the great and supportive article on my book “Felt it Stitch It Fabulous”. I have way too much fun playing with felt-a-licious old sweaters. I do have to admit that shrinking them on purpose and whipping up some cool projects is equally as addictive as chocolate, much less fattening and oh so good for the soul.
    Spring is a fabulous time to go treasure hunting for wool sweaters…I seem to find that the warmer the weather…the cheaper the cost of the sweater!
    Amen to that and to the idea that we can recycle, remake and rejoice!
    sending creative joy,
    Katheryn Bieber


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