Felt Artist, Gail Crosman Moore

Massachusetts’ artist, Gail Crosman Moore is not only a felt artist, but she also works with many other materials bringing these materials into a three dimensional exquisite piece.  When you are looking through her gallery you will be delighted by her amazing art.  Gail also has a shop on her site where you can purchase her delightful art.

Gail says; “The one common denominator in all of my work is me so I thought that I would take a minute to tell you a little bit about my passion….I need to make things. Things out of fiber, glass, clay, metal, paper, no material is safe! My other need is to get whatever I am working on out of the second dimension and into the third. Color, form and texture are what make my heart sing.”

Your heart will sing along with Gail’s when you discover her work. 



  1. says


    Thank you so much for presenting my work to your audience!!!! With more exposure I can make more work, this is all I want!

    Keep up the great work and thank you for choosing me.

    All goodness to you,

  2. Sophia says

    hi gail,
    please may you tell me the names of your pieces of work-the white flower, red ceiling hanging and the purple flower?
    many thanks

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