Felted Purse Kit Giveaway (For Australia only)

We would love to offer this giveaway to everyone, but the shipping cost to other countries is just beyond our budget.   We are looking for a similar item in the USA or other countries.  The designer of this pattern is Chrissie Day http://www.chrissieday.co.uk/  The bag measure 10×12 inch after felting and the needles, instructions and wool are included. Just leave a comment and we will a random drawing.  Good luck!


  1. Kirsty says

    I’ve never tried felting, but would love to give it a go. To have some instructions would be great for this first timer!

  2. Dianne Gardam says

    Re: the Felted Purse Kit Giveaway:
    This bag looks great! I would love to give this a go. I had a look at Chrissie’s website and she has written a book on wire jewellery which looks very interesting. I might have to have a closer look.

  3. Cheryl Costin says

    Hi thanks for this offer to win a felted bag kit. Can’t wait to see if I win and try it out. I found you on Ravelry :-)

  4. Chantelle Hills says

    Wow! I love the idea of this bag. I completely can understand the OS postage dilema. And it is nice to have something for us Aussies! I didn’t even know this site was here, and now…. I am hooked, so to speak!

  5. says

    What fun!!

    Love a bit a felting and always fun to have a comepetition! I understand the postage things – soooo expensive= have fun with the competition!

  6. Kate Freedman says

    What a great bag- I have never heard of this site (here from ravelry) but am enjoying it and have it bookmarked.

  7. Katherine says

    Another ravelry referral here so a giveaway is a nice treat, thanks! I’m glad to have found this site too :)

  8. says

    How cool!!! I love to make felted bags/totes, and this one is beautiful – unusual deign, great colours!
    Fingers crossed…..thanks for the great offer!!

  9. hipi says

    I bought this kit a while ago and am using the yarn for a different felted bag I am currently knitting :)
    Love the colour.

  10. Sharon B says

    Count me in with the other Ravelers, and with those who didn’t know this site existed!
    I am going to spend some time here looking around for sure. I *want* to felt- but am afraid I’ll mess up some very nice wool- so a kit with instructions could just be a very lucky thing to get me off and running! Thank You for the opportunity to win! :)

  11. Susie Nightingale says

    I cam over from Ravelry. Love to felt and make all sorts of bags for myself. Great site – thanks

  12. Mary Preston says

    Good evening, I was wandering through the local Craft Markets this morning & saw some lovely felted work. The felted Purse Kit would be a brilliant place for me to begin a new obsession. Cheers

  13. Linda Rotert says

    I have always wanted to try a purse – so far I’ve only done small projects.
    A great give-away —

  14. Jennie Allalouf says

    A beginner at this and I find felting very relaxing and easy on the fingers. As a senior
    citizen it’s good exercise for my arthritis.

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