My Felted Snowman!

I knitted my snowman from a Pirate pattern designed by Amy Gaines whom has many delightful patterns in her ETSY shop where I purchased ny pattern.  I had already decorated for Halloween, so I decided to make a snowman using the basic shape form the pattern and I made several changes, the major change was using 100%  worsted wool yarn because I planned on felting my Snowman.  I knitted mine in the round with double pointed needles made from chop sticks and used four needles knitting on three and the one of the four is the knit needle.   I crocheted the hat making it up as I went along.  I used orange wool and three stitch I-cord knit method for the carrot nose.    I left an opening at the top of the head and then machine felted the main body, nose and hat.  Once dry I stuffed it and them needle felted the eyes, mouth and needle felted the carrot nose.   Then I punched holes in the side and inserted branches and put a feather in his hat.   This pattern can be worked in the round or on two needles.  Check out Amy’s ETSY shop and her adorable patterns remember that if you size up your needles and you can felt anything.


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