The Funky Felter Nuno Felted Scarflette Contest!

 Shalana, The Funky Felter is offering our devoted readers a chance to win this lovely designer scarf “pictured” and this is a prize you do not want to miss.  I have done articles on her and she has some of most stunning and original felting designs as you will see when you visit her ETSY shop. Shalana said she would ship internationally as long as your country does not have any shipping restrictions, so everyone is invited to join in. In the comment section after you visit the Funky Felter ETSY shop and find your favorite item or items, then tell us what you found why you like it. Don’t hesitate to compliment Shalana on her gorgeous designs.


Shalana also has two other sites I am sure you will want to visit and while you are there tell her that you found her on Craft Gossip Felting.  Her sites are  and

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“This Nuno Felted Scarflette is just the right length to make a fashion statement and keep you comfortably warm at the same time. It is super soft and lightweight too which make it ideal for next to your skin.


This scarf is approximately 50% merino wool and 50% chiffon silk. It measures approximately 38 inches long (96.5 cm) and 6 inches wide (15 cm). It has a blue-purple silk base with purple, maroon, and tan wool. My nuno scarves are individually hand felted with the best quality wool and finest silk. They are made through the nuno or laminated felting technique which involves joining wool with a fabric base. The combination of wool and silk make for a lightweight, comfortable scarf that is suitable for almost any time of year.”

 We are so thrilled to offer you this awesome giveaway via the generosity of Shalana and we want to thank her from the bottom of our Crafty Little Hearts!


This contest will run from November 13th through November 27th and good luck to all of you.



  1. says

    Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway :) But the photo of the scarf is incorrect. It should be a purple, maroon, and tan colored scarf. I’ll resend you the photo and some links to photos of it on my flickr. I’d appreciate if you could replace those photos with the correct one. I already have this particular scarf listed for sale in my Etsy shop.

    Thanks so much for the great write up and for all that you do for the felting world too!

  2. says

    Such beautiful creations! It’s hard to pick a favorite. But I kept going back to that Giant Winter Flower. It’s just so huge and fabulous! LOL!

  3. Cindi says

    Hello, She does do gorgeous work! I adore the
    “Nuno Felted Scarflette-a fine wool and silk
    short style scarf in orange and brown. Please enter me in your fabulous giveaway drawing. Many thanks…..Cindi

  4. says

    The Lavish Scarf (Light Sage Green and Purple is my absolute fave! becuase it is so romantic and delacete, this is the kind of scarf you want to wear on a date with a guy you really have a crush on. :)

  5. says

    My fave item is the Moss Whimsy Nuno Felted Scarf and Flower Brooch Set. The mossy color is amazing and not only can you wear as a set, but you can wear the scarf and pin individually. Beautiful!

  6. Alison says

    I jumped over to Etsy
    To the “Funky Felter’s” I went
    Loved the fibre art I saw
    Lots of $$$ I could have spent.

    The “Autumn Fire Purse” a fusion of colour
    And “Surely You Jest” is worth a look
    She works magic with fibre and fleece
    That Shalana should write a book.

    But the exuberant bloom called “Spice”
    And Nuno scarflette to match
    Gets top marks in my book
    And is the one I’d like to catch.

  7. says

    Ab fab felting…so awesome. Especially like the Fringed Nuno Scarf and Wrist Cuff set,so classic but so out of the box. I will be shopping her store for Christmas. UMMMMMMMMMM GOOD!!!

  8. Jess says

    I’m in love with the Duo-Toned scarf – it’s just so gorgeous! I’m so impressed with the gradient…

  9. Jan in AZ says

    I love Shalana’s Nuno felted scarves – they are all gorgeous, but what initially drew me in was her felted soap – they are awesome!

  10. says

    Shalana’s shop has been a favorite of mine. I seek out other felters, especially ones with talent I can aspire to, and she is one of them. Nuno is such an amazing technique, and Shelana displays it so well. The scarf that is mentioned in this blog is actually filled with colors that I love! Purple and blue and maroon are all colors I choose often myself for my attire, as I know they suit me because of a color wheel I had done for me years ago. Don’t ever put me in bright yellow, because I will look ill! You look and see the huge amount of sales in her shop, and you know there’s talent and artistry at work. And I always have to say… If I were a rich girl… I must admit I love the Pumpkin Patch Hat,, although orange isn’t one of my best colors either. Great work Shalana!

  11. says

    I love…love…love the

    The Adorn Scarf – a Nuno Felted Fine Wool Scarf with Fringe in Midnight Black

    It’s dramatic and classic…did I say I love it

  12. says

    My favorite is the Moss Whimsy Nuno Felted Scarf and Flower Brooch Set – I think it’s the colors plus the beautiful design! Thanks for telling us about this great site!

  13. says

    My favorite is the Moss Whimsy Nuno Felted Scarf and Flower Brooch Set – I just love the colors and beautiful design! Thanks for telling us about such a great site!!

  14. Katherine says

    please enter me in the give-away contest.
    I didn’t see anything special to do.
    Love her work. keep drooling over it!

  15. says

    The felted soap “sweaters” are really clever! I love handmade soaps, plus the wool scrubbie on the outside is convenient. These are really great!

  16. connie says

    Shalana is talented in so many areas. I love the quality and variety of products she sells. She is traditional as well as funky. I’m also impressed that she promotes other Etsy crafters. She gives a wealth of information and is very accessible. I would love to have her scarf. Se is an inspiration to me as I start my own feltmaking.

  17. says

    I like a lot of what Shalana makes, but my favorite things are one particular style of her pendants. At the moment, she doesn’t have many of that style in stock (only Silver Dawn and The Citrus Stripe), but she’s made lovely stuff like this in the past. I bet the reason why she only has two right now is that they’re selling fast!

  18. Jeanne says

    I absolutely love Shalana’s scarves and pendants….they are so beautiful. As a new needle felter – she inspires me.

  19. Ginny French says

    I love her duo tone scarves— and I read her blog and really appreciate her tips— I have not made a scarf like the duo tones, yet, hope to soon— Hi Funky, love your work—

  20. Susanne Bergström says

    My favorite item is the Autumn fire purse with it´s warn and bright colours. Just what you need when the rain is pouring down on this grey autumn day on Gotland(a Swedish Island situated in the Baltic See, where I live)This time of year the days are so short and we long for some snow to light up…
    The purse brings out a smile and a warm feeling just by looking at it.
    Thanks for an inspiring website

  21. Rebecca says

    Beautiful – in the next couple of weeks (sometime after Thanksgiving) I’m attempting my first nuno felting project. Nice to have something to aspire to. I also really liked the Autumn Fire Purse.

    I’m new here – is posting a comment the way to enter the contest?

  22. lo says

    i love the Lavish scarf – it looks so old-fashioned and like all of the victorian ruffled shirts that are so in right now! the sweetheart rings are also adorable!!

  23. says

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