Wildly Woolly Art Felters

I found Kim’s amazing snow pod on a blog where she had entered it in the contests for needle felting (I did vote for it). I was so impressed with her imaginative designs and her extraordinary experience as a needle felter. She had entered the contest with just the name of Kim, but after doing some investigation I found her amazing website Wildly Woolly. Kim and Beth both are unique felting artists.  Kim is done this series of pods and one is more beautiful than the other.  She also does an extraordinary line of bowls. She has been featured on ETSY where she also has a shop called Kim’s Etsy Boutique.  Be sure to visit Kim and Beth’s site and see their beautiful felted art.

Kim Buchheit has over 20 years experience in the creative field and currently operates her own design business. As an artist, she enjoys working in any medium she can get her hands on.

Beth Seely has spent a good portion of her career in organizations dedicated to the arts, and has had a lifelong love of fiber. Recently she slid sideways into the world of felting.

Beth teamed with Kim to create felted items under the business name Wildy Woolly



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    These ‘pods’ are so unbelievably creative and unique. I was drawn to them immediately when I saw them entered into the Gourmet Felted needle felting contest. One can’t help but be totally intrigues by these pieces. Not only are they artistically crafted but there is so much visual interest in them not to mention that there use is more than aesthetic..they are useful! For uniqueness alone this entry should win the contest! I think what draws me to them the most is that they remind me of a Dairy Queen soft serve ice cream cone..and I love food. Although I think it is probably the other way around..as I love food so much that I tend to see varieties of it in artwork!

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    Thanks for the nice comment, Rachel… I went to your Etsy site and see that you do fabulous work, too! Wonderful stuff! BTW: My first job in h.s. was at Dairy Queen 😉 — maybe there was some subconscious soft-serve stuff going on when I made my pods… heh heh.

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