Felt Furnishings: 25 Accessories for Contemporary Homes (Hardcover) by, Anne Kyyrö Quinn


As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I would be reviewing a book that would allow you to create the same type of gorgeous pillows that are being sold in high-end stores. Well, yesterday a package came from Heidi of Watson-Guptill CROWN Publishing Group and I carefully opened it and it contained the most beautiful felting book I’ve ever seen. This book is titled “Felt Furnishings” release date is April 14th 2009 and it can be pre-ordered on Amazon with a Price Guarantee of $16.50 hard-covered with a dust jacket.  As you can see in the picture, the stunning sculptured orange pillow totally captivated my senses. As I thumbed through the book my anticipation grew in my imagination was running wild as to what I would be making first.  This book is filled with gorgeous photographs and amazing instructions. There are lists and sources for everything you will need to create any of the 25 projects that Anne has put together for her readers. She is truly a talented artists with an imagination that’s certainly surpasses mine

She shows us how to create ruches, what appears to be complex gathers, but with her instructions there quite easily achievable. She shows you all the basic materials that you’ll need for each project. There are items in this book that I have not seen anywhere else, such as a gorgeous royal blue throw with contrasting white stripes. It looks incredible on the off-white sofa where it is displayed.  There is a stunning spiral detailed canary yellow ottoman that is a must have.  She created a wall hanging in a beautiful red against a white wall that would be a real conversation piece in any home. Some of her other projects is a lovely storage box, tab top curtains with layered stripe details.  A woven pillow placed in a gorgeous white contemporary chair is totally eye-catching.  Her snowdrift window shade is just simply unbelievable.  She has curtains in the same orange as the pillow on the cover of the book with a cutout leaf border in white.  What a statement piece curtains would make in any room. There is a gorgeous pinched- Petal lampshade in a soft beautiful creamy white colored felt. A table runner, again in the creamy white felt, with cutouts revealing a gorgeous line green.  She created a snipped-pleated exquisite throw, thrown over a white comforter.

I could go on and on about every project in the book, but I simply cannot do them justice.  There are templates for your convenience and pictorial instructions that are easy to follow and even beginners in the art of using felt or fiber will easily be able to achieve these stunning projects for your home.

This is one book that I will not be doing a giveaway on unless the publishers would like to sponsor a giveaway here on craft gossip and have this amazing book shipped directly to you. This is just a wishful thought on my part J I want to keep this book Felt Furnishings in my collection. If you want to purchase this book go to Amazon and pre-order it today and I guarantee you will not be sorry with your purchase. Also, visit Watson-Guptill CROWN Publishing Group and see all the wonderful books they carry and I’m sure you’ll be impressed. I want to thank Heidi of Watson-Guptill CROWN Publishing Group, for allowing me the privilege of reviewing this amazing new book.

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