Win the Aslan Trends 2009 Knitting Challenge

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Win the Aslan Trends 2009 Knitting Challenge and receive a new commission from Artisan Yarns! A stunning new yarn shop, Artisan Yarns is offering extra prizes for the two 1st place winners (one in each category) of the Design Challenge 2009, an exciting contest sponsored by Aslan Trends.   To promote these wonderful yarns by Aslan Trends, Artisan Yarns will automatically give the 1st place winner of each category an extra prize.  Additionally, if you purchased the yarn from Artisan Yarns, you can win a bonus on top of that. Artisan Yarns is dedicated to promoting the creative side in all of us and to being adventurously inspired by original design! . As a bonus prize, if the winner purchased the yarn for the entry from, we will add either ten or five skeins to that prize, depending on the category.So take a trip over to artisan yarns and find out how you can enter this contest. While you’re there look over their vast array of beautiful yarns. Even if you don’t want to enter the contest you may find some extraordinary yarns that you have not seen in other shops.Artisan Yarns is dedicated to those who are passionate about quality yarn and gorgeous colors, beautiful hand-made knitwear, and the fiber arts. Be inspired by the whole process: from sheering the fleece, to creating unique and vibrant hand-dyed colors, to designing innovative patterns, and finally to learning or refining your skills as a hand-knitter or fiber artist. Our vision is all the same– artisans, inspired by the natural world as reflected in the fiber arts. Each person has a different story, but we all aim for and share a similar goal: the search for that perfect color or luxurious texture, which is then transformed into beautiful shapes and patterns.  

The contest is sponsored through Aslan Trends. You can download the application on the Aslan Trends site. They have two categories, one for large projects (afghans, large items) and one for smaller (accessories, baby items), each with separate prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd.  The only requirement is that you use Aslan Trends yarn. There are two yarns produced by Aslan Trends that are good for general or felted knits: “del Cerro” (worsted weight) and “del Sur” (super bulky) along with many other yarns. There are also three new weights of gorgeous merino “Kettle Hand-dyes”! Check out all Aslan Trends yarn to see what yarn fits your project requirements. 

 The Artisan Yarns prizes:

• Large item category – 1st place winner will receive $300 as a commission for a new project, which will be featured on Artisan Yarns website.  Bonus prize is 10 free Aslan Trends skeins of your choice.

• Small item category – 1st place winner will receive $175 as a commission for a new project, which will also be featured on the Artisan Yarns website. Bonus prize is 5 free Aslan Trends skeins of your choice.


Artisan Yarns strives to help discover, develop, or just simply enjoy one’s personal process in the fiber arts. Connect with others who are passionate about the fiber arts, whether you produce or spin yarn, dye by hand, design patterns, or knit and crochet; we are all eager to create and share the finished product!


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