Wet felted vessel pictorial tutorial by Zed of the UK

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Zed lives in the UK and she loves color, and textures and when she puts them together colorful textural felt is created. Zed is relatively new to felting, but it appears as if she has  many felting techniques well under control. She experiments with a variety of methods and tells us she is learning along the way. She mainly wet felts, but needle felts now and again.   Zed is offering a pictorial tutorial on felting a vessel on her Flickr account. If you’ve ever been interested in creating a wet felted vessel or vase, check out Zed on Flickr.  While you’re there explore all of her beautiful felt work. The tutorial is very detailed and you will be able to follow the instructions very easily.  Zed all so has a blog called Felt by Zed and I’m sure it will be of interest to you.  When you are on her Flickr account or her blog, leave a comment telling you you’ve found her on craft gossip felting.


  1. zed says

    That’s really cool! Thanks for doing an article on me, Linda. If anyone tries it I’d love to see their results :)

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