Free Pattern for Easy Felted Crochet Spring Flower Garland Scarf Decoration

Shannon Dzikas of art yarn vintage is sharing this pretty and fun spring scarf or you can use it as a decoration.  Shannon tells us that this is one of her favorite projects to make and they sell quickly on her Etsy site. It is an ideal project for beginners because mistakes are almost undetectable after felting. After you’ve done this once it opens the creative doors to use different flower or leaf combos. The color combinations are limitless so you can use what you have on hand. The yarn you use just has to be 100% wool.

The example in the photos was made with Lamb’s Pride Worsted in Forest Shadows and Rosy Velvet. You will also need 5 cool buttons or beads, and size J or K crochet hooks.

The flowers and “vine” are made separately and sewn together after felting. 

You can find Shannon on Facebook.

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Facebook page: shannondzikasartyarnvintage


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