Molly’s Sketchbook: Felt Citrus Coasters

How cute are these coasters from “The Purl Bee” Molly’s Sketchbook.   I have tried in vain to find out about Molly, but nothing; so if anyone knows about her let us know.  Molly offers us a step by step pictorial tutorial to recreate these beauties.  What a lovely refreshing way to greet your summer guests than to have these coasters next to your drink area. 

Ever since the weather turned warm, Molly had visions of pink lemonade and iced tea with lime wedges dancing in her head.  Summer also puts her in the mood to entertain so she thought it would be fun to have a set of coasters to match this citrus drink theme.  She loves that each coaster is slightly different from the next due to the hand sewing. They will add a breezy, summery vibe to any table.  This is the kind of project you can do with very little experience since it requires absolutely no special skills or equipment. Thanks Molly for the great tutorial!



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