Six ways with felt flowers


Catherine of Gingham Cherry has been having a lot of fun making felt flowers recently and thought she would show us 6 different ways we can use them too. She has more ideas as well so may do another post in a little while with more suggestions.

1. Stick them to the end of a pencil for a cute little pencil cup garden.

2. Attach to a hairclip for a little (or not so little) girl.

3. Attach to an elastic band to put around a gift box like in her previous post tutorial.

4. Glue to a gift tag.

5. Attach to a jumbo paper clip for keeping papers together or as a bookmark.

6. Glue to a paper covered clothespin (you could add a strong magnet to the back of the clothespin too).




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    you could convert these flowers into a pumpkin too – I know; I’ve got Halloween on teh brain like everyone else! Great project – thanks for sharing… the paperclip’s my favourite.

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