Molly’s Sketchbook: Felt Candy Hearts

I love these hearts with a pocket that hold some Valentine candy.  Molly relates “This year I’m revisiting that homey, straight-from-the-heart kind of Valentine gift with these hand stitched little Felt Candy Hearts. They’re great for storing candy, notes and trinkets and are truly as easy as pie to sew. I love to think of the happy pride kids will have when they bring to school their very own sewn-with-care Felt Candy Hearts. I remember that feeling well”

I also think of a splendid and nostalgic looking back on days gone by when people had to make their own Valentine cards and buy penny candy at the corner drugstore that had a soda fountain and hot dogs. Thanks Molly for allowing us to think back to simpler time.  Get Molly’s tutorial on Purl Bee!  




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