Hot Cross Buns – Nursery Decor Tutorial

What a clever and creative idea for a baby gift and what new parent would not be crazy for this personalized gift.  Ashley of “Distractions” just finished a new project “Hot Cross Buns – Nursery Decor Tutorial” and she is very excited to share her creation. Recently, her brother needed a baby gift so she crafted a bunch of musically inspired items (for his band teacher) including a nursery wall decoration that resembles sheet music. The wall hanging is the tune of “Hot Cross Buns” written for an alto saxophone (which is the instrument that both the expecting parents play). Ashley thought this would be a very cool addition to their nursery and that it would be very unique and something you can’t find in stores.  I certainly agree with her and it is just perfect!  Follow Ashley on Pinterest and Facebook to keep up with her projects.

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