Felt Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Dazie hosts the charming blog “daziepatch” has this lovely felt Rose wreath tutorial for us.  We are certainly decorating the halls today the help of some amazing crafters.  Dazie lives in the UK and is a wife and the mother of 3 children and 6 guineas, 3 chinchillas and their lovely Westie, what fun!  For those of us that live is the USA. “A Guineas is a fowl and are an interesting addition to your farm or acreage. They have great personalities. Guineas are the farm yard watch dog, sounding the alarm whenever anything unusual occurs”.  The Roses are really simple to make you cut out a circle and then cut around and around to create a snake like piece of felt then roll up and glue as you go to create the circle affect. There are dies out there that do the same cut or plenty of tutorials online.  Here is a felt rose tutorial Dazie has found for us “The Pretty Poppy” It just so happens that they are for a beautiful wreath!  Thanks Dazie for the tutorial and mentioning your Guineas, and I had to look them up and see just what they are very interesting.

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