Pizza with all the toppings (tutorial & patterns)


LiEr hosts her amazing site “ikatbag” with many free pictorial tutorials and fun patterns for us to buy.   I am actually going to make this fun-time Pizza with its darling toppings for the grandkids.  LiEr also made a pizza box (see in tutorial) and it is so cute with the little extra sauce containers (bought at the dollar store) that go in the box. Get her fun and easy pictorial tutorial HERE! She has been featured in many books and magazines and you can see the list HERE!  LiEr’s felt pizzas are not the slice-apart kind, but the bulk-risen lumps-of-dough kind. Theirs are 12″.  Incidentally, these pizzas make perfect indoor Frisbees.  She found this out because the girls tried them as such. Thanks so much LiEr for sharing your project!


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