Yarn Pumpkin Garland Tutorial

Yarn Pumpkin Garland2Haeley of “Design Improvised” is a contributor on “Honest to Nod” and is sharing her tutorial for Yarn Pumpkins.  They were the result of a crafting accident of sorts. She had thought of making pumpkins out of yarn pom-poms but they didn’t turn out great. The round shape of the pom-pom didn’t feel very pumpkin-like. But in the midst of making the pom-poms, she noticed that they look quite a bit like squat little pumpkins right before you cut them into pom-poms!  Now we know how the “Yarn pumpkin garland” was born.  This is a cute tutorial and these little pumpkins can hang around through the fall holidays. Thanks Haeley for sharing your tutorial.

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