Cozy Tabletop Christmas Trees from gently worn or cast-off sweaters DIY


sweater treesThese darling trees come from BH&G and are made from sweaters no longer wearable.  Refurbished and ready for their new lives as “Cozy Tabletop Christmas Trees “! To make the middle tree: Slide a papier-mâché cone into one arm of a sweater with the cone base at the cuff. Pull the sleeve snugly around the cone, fitting the cuff around the cone base. Determine the placement of cutting lines so the sleeve slightly overlaps on the back of the cone. Mark straight cutting lines using a ruler and a water-soluble marking pen. Remove the sweater from the cone and cut along the lines; hot-glue the sweater to the cone. Glue assorted white buttons to the cone as desired. To make the trees on the left and right: Cut the sweater back from side seam to side seam into approximately 2- to 3-1/2-inch-wide strips. Wrap each strip around the cones as shown, trimming strips as necessary for a slight overlap on the back. Hot-glue the overlaps to secure; if desired, glue buttons to each band.

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