Felt Pinecone Tutorial – Victor & Harry

Pine Cone Victorpine cone HarryHow beautifully real this Felt Pinecone looks.  Amber of “Salt Tree” has an excellent and complete tutorial for us to recreate hers. Think of all the ways you can use this for your fall decor.  Use the size of a foam egg form to get the size of acorn you would like.  Amber’s tutorial seems to be size adjustable.  This pinecone is felt pinecone tutorial is #2, AKA, Victor!  Her first was “Felt Pinecone Tutorial – Harry” and they are both stunning for fall.  I want to thanks Amber for sharing her lovely projects.


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    Her blog is dead and gone. I posted these back in 2011 and did a google image search and was so happy you posted it… then I saw the link which is a malware link now.

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