Dazzling Felting artists @ Radici.co.uk

I found this extraordinary website called Radici” out of the UK and that has the most outstanding felted items. Everything is handcrafted and absolutely stunning. I would love to know if they sell in the USA.  If anyone knows about this team let me know.  I totally fell in love with her ruffled scars, journals, the iPOD holder, little lime bird and clutch bags, among some of their other items.

They have a frog named Owen and he has a blog!

Their product descriptions are just delightful, like the one the lime bird!

Green Ignatius critter


Ignatius is suffering from an identity crisis – he’s not sure if he’s a bird or a shrew, secretly we think closer to shrew (clue no wings) but that beak is where it starts to get murky. Love him anyway and he’s yours for life.

Handmade with wool felt and hand embroidery; stuffed with microfibre wadding; dimensions 11 cm tall and body 23cm long; Not suitable as a toy for children under four years

Here’s a little about these two talented young ladies that started this business. 

Hi there we’re Fiona and Jenneth – we abandoned the world of clinical research to satisfy a growing niggling need to be part of something creative and uplifting!

Radici.co.uk started to take seed after one too many moments lamenting the lack of luxury handcrafted gifts for that someone special…a favorite godchild…a stylish mother…an impossible hubby.


Owen the knitted frog joined us quite early on just to keep an eye on things and to make sure we stay hard at work – he’s also our resident blogger so take a look at his stuff.


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    Thanks Linda – what a sweetie! We’re thrilled that you like our little spot! We so believe in how important hand-made is these days… and felt is one of our ab-fav mediums!
    Love your blog too – exciting to have found you! How amazing are those ‘Year of the Goat’ goodies…

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