DIY felt heart brooch

felt heart broochMy Brooch

I have totally fallen in love with this DIY felt heart brooch and I cannot find out who made it. It looks like a fairly straight forward design that some of you may be able to recreate.  I found it on “shelterness” but they do not mention who the artist is or a link.  If anyone knows who did make it let me know.  I may try one tonight and if any of you try one please show me; and I will feature you and your blog.

Janice one of my clever readers found the heart brooch tutorial blog and I thank her.   The blog is called “Mrs. Ferguson” hosted by Mrs. F herself from Budapest, Hungary and we love her stunning brooch and her complete pictorial tutorial.  I made one this morning and it is different than hers but I like it and now I have to find a backing pin in my jewelry craft mess.  I pictured it above. It was easy so try one and wear it proudly. . .




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