Free Felted Heart Pattern!

I posted this pattern among many other patterns some months back, but I thought I would repost the hearts again.  They are so lovely and there is a complete PDF file for you to print with pictures form Teresa’s Stitching ‘N’ Knitting!

Teresa tells us: If you came looking for patterns . . .

Little Hearts – mini felted (or not) Hearts
Little Hearts – written in German (help me correct errors as I don’t speak German)
Mala-Cable Child’s Cable Hat
Knit A Rat – knit and felted rat pattern
Kool Aid Dyeing tutorial
Kool Aid Painting tutorial

The patterns are still here! I rearranged things when I discovered someone had copied and pasted the Little Hearts pattern onto their blog as though they had written it. I cannot make her remove the pattern as she just ignores all my pleas.

All the patterns are now in PDF format and can be downloaded for free through Ravelry. If you are a member of Ravelry, you can hop over there and find me as teresaknits. Or you can still download all the patterns from this site – just scroll down the right side of the blog and the links are all there – even added pictures.


  1. says

    Thanks for reposting this! And yes, it is about time to start thinking about Valentines for loved ones. These are incredibly quick to make and if you want them to felt more, felt them before you stuff then and then sew them up with heavy thread or dental floss. They don’t felt nearly as much if they are stuffed first.

    I know that most people won’t be too interested in it, but my Knit a Rat is also felted – which works wonderfully with the fun fur.

  2. Danielle says

    love your little hearts. I tried the hearts that the other person copied and she made a mistake in the instructions.
    Thank you, you are a genious!
    God bless!

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